Hi! I'm Tyler. I'm a designer and engineer that makes tools for learning and creativity. I care a lot about helping people be expressive and making complicated stuff accessible.

I'm currently a product designer at Replit, making coding easier and more collaborative. Before that, I spent some time at the MIT Media Lab prototyping new ways for kids to brainstorm in Scratch. In a previous life, I did my master's in education at Harvard, studied computer science and researched NLP at Emory, and researched mobile health apps at Georgia Tech.

I'm most interested in low-barrier creative tools (art, music, math, writing, code), knowledge management, learning sciences, data science, and bio-inspired design and computer science.

Hard skills: web and mobile development, UI and UX design, graphic design, data visualization, research, data science, writing.

Söft skills: mainly being awful with directions.


Besides the more detailed case studies on here, I also recently published some essays (and blog on Replit):

  1. Information forest: what should the browser of the 2020s be?
  2. CLUI: Building a Graphical Command Line
  3. Bringing Replit's Marketing to the Modern Age
  4. Using Replit as a CMS


I also keep a running list of band names that come out randomly in conversations. If you're a friend of mine and you think I'm missing one of our band names from this list, please text me

  • Rattled by static
  • ‘Children’ of undefined
  • Snakes like Noodles
  • Lizard in my pocket
  • Scuba Rave
  • Missing mittens - 1/18/20
  • European tension - 2/27/20
  • Yuk 901 - 2/28/20
  • Earthy neutrals - 3/1/20
  • Corona jam - 3/13/20 (friday the 13)