This is something in between a blog, personal notes, things I send to my friends, and stuff I don't care about making too formal. Starting this off slow, so bear with me.

My public writing

Besides all of the studies currently on my website, I also recently published two essays:

  1. Information forest: what should the browser of the 2020s be?
  2. CLUI: Building a Graphical Command Line

Great accidental band names

This is a running list of band names that came out of some conversations.

  • Rattled by static
  • ‘Children’ of undefined
  • Snakes like Noodles
  • Lizard in my pocket
  • Scuba Rave
  • Missing mittens - 1/18/20
  • european tension - 2/27/20
  • yuk 901 - 2/28/20
  • earthy neutrals - 3/1/20
  • corona jam - 3/13/20 (friday the 13)